Tuesday, July 21, 2009

What an Odd Story

I couldn't let this one slide by. Here's an odd story for cuckoo clock lovers.

Police solve case of missing cuckoo clock

Doris Weiske only wanted the safe return of her cuckoo clock, which she entrusted to repair man Hugo Tejero months ago. Tejero — who had handed her business cards with a Plainfield telephone number, but no address — would pick the clocks up from her home in an unincorporated area near Joliet, vowing to return in a week.

Working off a photo and his license plate, police found Tejero living in Hoffman Estates.

Weiske said police told her Tejero seemed surprised to see them, but that he still had the clock and cards with Weiske's name and phone number written on them.

[via Suburban Chicago News]

For those of you wondering: that's an old Schmeckenbecher cuckoo she's holding. Here's another woodcutter cuckoo:

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