Monday, July 27, 2009

Another Musical Clock by Emilian Wehrle

This heavily carved musical wall trumpeter clock was made by Emilian Wehrle C1880.

It was located in the United States last year (2008), and a deal was struck this summer to bring it out West :) The clock is large over 44" in height. The carving is done extremely well. The clock has 7 full relief live animals, the most we have seen on a Wehrle...because of that reason we had to add it to the collection.The case is in mint condition, with no missing carvings.
This clock will need a musical restoration, which we will tackle this winter.

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  1. Anonymous9:20 PM

    This is a FANTASTIC clock. What would a clock like this cost? Doug Hartford Topeka, KS

  2. Thanks for your interest. This is a very rare antique (about 130 years old!), so the price is highly dependent on the market. For a collector of Black Forest clocks, it's a priceless historical artifact.

    Check out our website at for modern clocks by Black Forest artisans.