Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

David Secrett

Wow! Check out this fantastic video from 1976.  It features ex-spy and ex-instrument and automata repairman David Secrett, now automata creator.  My next step is to start watching auctions for works by this master craftsman.  Check out the fantastic complexity!

[Via the Automata Blog. As usual, our friend Dug North never fails to find impressive stuff!]

Morbiers in Restoration Hardware

There's a beautiful picture of a warehouse of antiques in the latest Restoration Hardware catalog, featuring some nice Morbiers in various states.  RH is focusing on "deconstructed" furniture with a French Provincial, rustic, and somewhat industrial influences.  They get it! They understand how these beautiful works fit perfectly in a modern environment.

You can't get an original hand made Morbier clock from Restoration Hardware, but you can from North Coast Imports!  Email us today for more info...

Friday, March 09, 2012

New Nuclear Clock

From ScienceDaily (Mar. 8, 2012):
    A proposed new time-keeping system tied to the orbiting of a neutron around an atomic nucleus could have such unprecedented accuracy that it neither gains nor loses 1/20th of a second in 14 billion years -- the age of the Universe.
New technology may produce a clock 100 times more accurate than the best current Atomic clocks.

[photo: NASA]