Tuesday, October 20, 2015

The Palladio, Weight Driven Regulator

This is a very special clock case - elegant, classic. The arches and fluted columns recall Romanesque architecture. The clocks are large, but not overbearing - definitely for the person of refined taste.

When you have a case style this good, and a workshop with the technological expertise of Kieninger, you want to show off your broad range of options. The Palladio case is a great showpiece of what Kieninger has to offer. There are now 13 (!) different versions of the Palladio available, and they are all indexed here:


There are three wood finishes available (Walnut, Mahogany, Antique Natural Cherry) as well as a beautiful black lacquer finish. The RWS and PS caliber mechanisms are with Westminster chime or Time and Strike complications respectively AND, we now offer the NEW ZSR01 caliber with a One Month Power Reserve!

This movement is really exceptional. It's finally an affordable Month Runner movement, with the added feature of an hour and half-hour strike complication. Multiple-train long-running precision movements of this quality are very rare indeed.

This regulator is a far cry from cheap 31-day spring-wind movements from India or the Far East. This heirloom-grade mechanism has 30 ball bearings at the pivots, as well as two jewels. The pallets are ceramic, and of course it has an automatic beat adjustment. The cable-wind movement even has Maintaining Power! This means that the clock will continue to receive power (through a compensating spring mechanism) for the short time it takes you to wind the clock at the end of the month.