Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Small Business Saturday: Nov. 30

Remember that small businesses are where you can find really unique and meaningful gifts for the holiday season. Contact North Coast Imports for a list of small business dealers in your area.


Tuesday, November 12, 2013

"TrumpeterMan" - a Specialist in Mechanical Dreams

I love visiting "TrumpeterMan" and his shop and personal collection of fantastic Black Forest and Viennese artifacts! He maintains an astounding collection of Black Forest Trumpeter Clocks, Flute Clocks, Carillon Clocks, musical Vienna Regulators, Picture Frame Clocks (with animation and music), Whistling Bird Automata, Musical Chairs (real carved ones), Cuckoo Clocks... I mean, it's really unbelievable!

Here, he cares for the heritage and Golden Age of the Black Forest Clock Industry. I was able to take some snapshots of his shop and collection, and he has a YouTube channel.

Dr. Rudolf's Magical Musical Clockwork Promenade

Our dealer in Ohio is planning a remarkable Holiday Event!
Doctor Rudolf's Magical Musical Clockwork Promenade will be an Open House with a continuous concert of mechanical music, refreshments, story tellers for children, and fantastic holiday shopping opportunities.
In addition to the clockwork marvels always on display at Suburban Clock, we will have exhibits of special and rare antique music boxes, orchestrions, player pianos, organ clocks, and more!
Come to Dr. Rudolf's Magical Musical Clockwork Promenade! at Suburban Clock on November 22-23 for some hot cider, a music box concert, a story, and get your holiday shopping done early. We're sure to have something for everyone on your list! Visit or the Facebook event page for more information and directions to our store.

Here are a couple videos of newly restored, antique organ clocks that will be on display. These are exceptionally rare and worth the opportunity to see in real life!


Saturday, November 09, 2013

Astronomical Clock

This beautiful piece is one of those long-term projects (like the 10,000 year clock) that we just love to follow. Clock expert Mark Frank's clock was featured in some clock magazines and blogs, and here is a great little YouTube video showing it off.


From Mark's Blog:
This is a four train, quarter striking movement with the fourth train driving the astronomical systems. The escapement is based on Harrison's H1 design and is driven by dual swinging-frame remontoire. The clock's functions include: 400 year perpetual calendar, equation of time, sidereal time, sun/moon rise and set, moon's phase and age, tides, solar/lunar eclipses, planisphere, tellurium, and full-featured orrery to Saturn with functional moons. There will be over 20 complications.

Friday, November 08, 2013


We uploaded the lecture on Longitude that was presented as part of Clocktoberfest. Here it is on YouTube!

Friday, November 01, 2013

New "Color Series" alarm clocks from Sternreiter!

These little beauties just came in! They have a fantastic "no-fingerprint" finish, great bold colors! Collect them all!