Monday, December 06, 2010

MORE new models

We can hardly keep up with what the cuckoo wizards come up with! There are so many new models - it's hard to say enough about each delightful new creation.

As a matter of fact, this clock was a complete surprise. It's brand new and loosely based off of our popular "Crow and Fox" model.

Introducing the "Birds and Grapes:"

Here are also two new beautifully carved pieces from master carver Christophe:

...and finally two inexpensive MUSICAL creations, perfect for the gift-giving season:

New Clocks

It is an exciting time at North Coast Imports! We are very pleased with the new additions to our collection.

Check out this beautiful piece from our master carver Christophe:

This was inspired by a rare antique clock - and we have the original in our /museum collection!

Of course the new clock is larger, more elaborate, and MUSICAL with a large 36-note Swiss-made music box mechanism. A true collectors' item!