Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Unpacking the "Americana" anniversary clock

Please follow these instructions when unpacking and setting up your Americana anniversary clock:

1. Carefully remove the clock from it's box. Notice that, between the base and the revolving carousel there is a round brass spacer. This spacer is attached to the base with a threaded spindle. The purpose is to apply pressure to the bottom of the pendulum, keeping it from moving during shipping.

2. Set the anniversary clock on it's base and carefully remove the glass dome and set it aside.

3. Gently hold the clock in your left hand while also carefully supporting the carousel. Notice the slotted spindle on the base of the clock.

4. While holding the clock use a small screwdriver or your fingernail to loosen (turn to the left) the slotted part of the spindle on the bottom.

5. This will lower the spacer between the pendulum and the base allowing the pendulum to turn freely. Be carefully not to over-turn the pendulum or jar it once it is free from the tightened spacer.

6. Once you set the clock back on its feet the pendulum should eventually stop swaying and settle in to a charming back-and-forth spin.