Wednesday, November 30, 2005


Sternreiter has a new poll on its website. We thought we would put it here too. We can learn a lot about our industry if we find out a little more about what consumers want when it comes to fine clocks.
Please take a few seconds to answer the following two questions. If you have a website or a store which specializes in selling fine clocks please encourage your customers to fill this out too.

Do you have a fireplace with a mantel in your home?
I have a fireplace but need a mantel.
I don't want either.

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Which type of clock could you see purchasing for your home this year? (check all that apply)
Grandfather clock (large, floor standing clock)
Mission-Style clock (rustic, oak shelf clock)
American "Banjo" clock (figure-eight wall clock)
Tavern clock (elegant clock, typical for English and American pubs)
Cuckoo clock (Black Forest specialty)

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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Going Fast

Please refer to your black and white specials flyer which you should have received several weeks ago. The following cuckoo clocks are sold out:

1253, 1236, 1279, 1254, 1312, 1382, 1353, 1392, 1336, 8227, 8382, 8345

These clocks are no longer available. As you can see that is most of the clocks on the closeout special. In addition the following models are thinning out. I would highly suggest stocking up on these models so that you are covered for this holiday season.

1300 (only 13 left!), 1100 (only 3 left!), 8252 (only 8 left!), 8228 (only 2 left!), 8366 (only 4 left!), 8255 (only 3 left!), 8357 (only 2 left!)

The 8343 is out of stock at the moment but should be in next week. The 1200 and 8200 always go very fast this time of year so be sure you have some in stock.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Special on anniversary clocks

Unfortunately the our two Sternreiter chiming anniversary clocks won't be available until after Christmas. To make it up to you we are offering blockbuster specials on the two anniversary clocks pictured above. Contact us to find out the details.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Four Time Winner!

The VDS is the organization of Black Forest Clockmakers which meets regularly to vote (upon secret ballot) for the best Black Forest Clock of the Year award.

Rombach und Haas has won this competition 4 out of the 5 times the competition was held. Pictured above you can see the fine clocks which have won: the 8364 (pictured here as the non-musical version), the 8295, 7304G, and this year the 45-111.

The 45-111 is a limited edition model. Only 111 were made and each is numbered and comes with a certificate. Read more about the 111th Anniversary Limited Edition clocks here.