Thursday, July 24, 2008

Trying to keep a good thing down?

University Park (a suburb of Dallas) is the home of a man with a vision. Karl Kuby wants to install a huge outdoor cuckoo clock above his Snider Plaza restaurant and market, but the government may get in his way.

What shopping center wouldn't look better with a cuckoo clock, let alone a giant one?

Take comfort, Mr. Kuby, we cuckoo clock lovers are behind you!

Fans of North Coast Imports know that our founder, Karl Schleutermann, built these giant cuckoo clocks for theme parks, shopping centers, etc. Here's his famous creation at Alpine Alpa or Grandma's Homestead:

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

What did the Swiss invent?

Even though this little quote has done so much to spread the misnomer that the Swiss invented the cuckoo clock, I still love the movie. The Prater hasn't changed all that much, except there's no way you can open the door when it's up high. I rode on it again a few months ago.

For a pretty good history on the cuckoo clock take a look at the Wikipedia