Monday, February 28, 2011

Image of Clock

Here's a beautiful image, by Todd Mclellan, of a vintage alarm clock - all apart.

From GraphicHug: Todd Mclellan has been creating compelling images ever since his days in kindergarten fingerpainting class.

Check out more on his site, plus a video

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Jefferson and Ferguson

James Ferguson (1710-1776) is known for designing orreries, or mechanical models of the Solar System. He was greatly admired by our national hero, and contemporary Thomas Jefferson and the staff at Monticello recently completed a beautiful reproduction of one of Ferguson's models.

Check out our /museum pages for more information on the history of timekeeping, and similar mechanics.

Check out more information on the great Monticello Blog!

[Thanks to Charles Morrill.]

Friday, February 04, 2011

More on Kellogg's Clock

I was interested to know more about the big cuckoo clock that Kellogg's is entering for a Guinness World Records® holder. The cuckoo clock will kick off Kellogg's It's Morning Somewhere campaign. I found this news report that shows some pics of the clock, although it's still a little hard to see details of what the clock is. Is it wood? Does it tell time? Does it have a cuckoo bird that comes out and moves?

You can learn more from the Facebook videos here. It looks like the clock does tell time, there is a sound of a cuckoo bird, but I haven't seen one come out yet - instead, they have celebrities coming out of the door at the top.

It definitely doesn't look like it's weight-driven or mechanical. I don't see any bellows. Still, a cute idea - and we love to see more cuckoo clocks around!