Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Unpacking and setting up your NEW Cuckoo Clock

Congratulations lucky owners of new cuckoo clocks! Welcome to the world of clock collecting and horology! Now that you have this treasured heirloom you'll want to follow this blog for more helpful hints and tips on the care of your clock, as well as fascinating information on fun, clock-related news items. We are also pleased to be posting many interesting articles by antique clock experts and their fascinating collections.

Check out the sidebar menu of this blog for extra navigational help. This website is huge, with tons of information on a range of horological subjects. On the sidebar, you can see an index for clock adjustments, as well as an index of terms. You can also see an index of instructional articles here or on our main website under "Instructions."

To get you started, here's a three-part video on how to setup and hang your new cuckoo clock!

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  2. brian6:19 AM

    I really enjoyed watching these videos! For my part, cuckoo clocks has always impressed me!

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  3. Anonymous9:10 PM

    the chain for the cuckoo was not in the clock when it arrived, how do I put it back in