Friday, April 21, 2006


Some of the models provided by North Coast Imports are truly one-of-a-kind pieces. Timepieces like the WW 810 932 00 "Jean Kazes,"MM 800 702 00 "Planetarium," MM 800 703 00 "Orbitarium," MM 801 701 00 "Fusee Skeleton," and MM 800 704 00 "Congreve Rolling Ball" are costructed by artists according to their own creative drives.

We at North Coast Imports are sometimes so impressed by the fine work of certain clockmakers and invite these artisians to create one or two pieces for us. This means, not only that we at North Coast Imports have the only examples available in the U.S. but that there are only one or two examples in existance.

Some of these clocks are already sold. The MM 800 702 00 "Planetarium" is gone, as is the MM 800 703 00 "Orbitarium." If you were interested in these models we would suggest the MM 801 701 00 "Fusee Skeleton," or the MM 800 704 00 "Congreve Rolling Ball." These two clocks were made by the same clockmaker and are of similar design and quality.

It goes without saying that these clocks are instant collectors items. These fine clocks have tremendous appeal to the discerning connoiseur.