Thursday, August 09, 2012

A New Type of Escapement??

Here's a nice find on YouTube... from the description:
    Implementation and early development of a fully detached, gravity impulsed, mechanical escapement inspired by the designs of James Arnfield. Prototype built for kinematic amusement with the possibility of satisfactory timekeeping. The pendulum should at no time be connected directly to the going train and only impulsed by a falling tumbler which, after leaving contact with the pendulum, releases the escapement. 

If you know more about this, I'd love to hear from you. Looks fascinating.

How Tower Clocks Work

Here's a great video. Beautiful clock!

A description of an E. Howard and Co. Clock Tower Clock (anchor escapement) and how it functions by breaking down the mechanism into 4 categories and explaining each section. The clock is at the First Congregational Church in Williamstown, MA.

Friday, August 03, 2012

NEW MODEL - Brettluhr Castle Clock

We, at North Coast Imports are very pleased to introduce the NEW Brettluhr!

Brettluhr is a "Little Board Clock."  It was a clock that mostly existed in Vienna in the first half of the  Nineteenth Century.  (Here and here are original Brettluhr clocks.)  It appeared in many styles and configurations, but Brettluhren commonly consisted of a board with a movement mounted to it.  Usually the board didn't have any sides or door which encased the movement.

For our version, we decided to use a mechanism which showed off the beauty of the gears.  This "Skeleton" style movement is made in Germany.  It is, of course, made with the best quality materials and according to a time-tested design.  It is a single-train movement with a drop-off bell strike.  In other words, it strikes the sonorous bell once as the minute hand passes the hour.

The clock is powered by the pull of gravity on the weight.  By the end of the week, the weight will have slowly fallen to the ground - requiring your interaction with the clock to pull the weight back up again.

The board comes from Amish craftsmen.  It is hand cut and hand finished.  The solid-walnut board has a beautiful and rich grain.  Each one is slightly different, as a different part of the tree is used.

The clock is available in two versions: with, or without the laser engraving.  The engraved version has a beautiful floral or Arabesque design, inspired by European lace patterns.

This clock would be a beautiful addition to any home.  It's swinging pendulum, falling weight, and ringing bell add life and dimension to a room.  Hanging this piece on your wall will provide a delightful presence and interactive charm.

Ask your favorite Sternreiter or North Coast Imports dealer today about this delicious new clock!