Monday, June 14, 2010

New Video

We just added a new YouTube video of our Great Forest Cuckoo Clock (8399). Be sure to check it out. This is a very rare piece that includes the exquisite 72-note, 3-tune, Swiss-made music mechanism. This clock is a true work of art with stunning carvings along with the mechanical musical instrument.

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Authentic Bone Hands

We're always thinking of cool new things to offer and we have done it again! North Coast Imports is offering a few select Black Forest cuckoo clocks with AUTHENTIC BONE HANDS and wooden weight shells. These hands are hand cut from real animal bone, the same as they would have been in the Nineteenth Century.

As usual, we found the best artisan in the world for the job. He has the rare skill of cutting or carvings these hands from bone, specifically for Black Forest cuckoo clocks. We found him right here in the USA!

This option will only be offered on a few select pieces with the addition of beautiful wooden weight shells. Those pictured below will be available with this special option, as well as a few other models. Contact your favorite North Coast Imports dealer or send us an email today and ask about this rare opportunity.

Uncle Schleutermann's Big Cuckoo Clock

Our company's founder (and my great-uncle) Karl Schleutermann built a giant cuckoo clock in Amish Country more than thirty years ago.

Located in the premises of Grandma's Alpine Homestead (aka Alpine-Alpa) at 1504, US Route 62, Wilmot, OH, it was built in 1972-73 as a competition to another large cuckoo clock in Frankenmuth, Michigan (now gone). The giant clock was 7.2 meters (23.5 feet) high, 3.3 meters (24 feet) wide and 4.1 metres (13.5 feet) deep. Reportedly it was noted in both the Guinness Book of Records and Ripley's Believe it or Not.

In August 2007 the clock was renovated and moved from its original location to a new location adjacent to the restaurant. However, in 2009 the restaurant was closed and the clock auctioned.

The latest news on the clock is that it will be re-erected at Walnut Creek, or Sugarcreek in Ohio. Exact new location or timetable is not known exactly, as restoration depends on funding.

Thanks to CuriusJM's post for the updated information on this, and other giant cuckoo clocks of the world.

While you're thinking big cuckoos, take a minute to visit this beautiful piece:

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

From the Corners of History

Here's something interesting.

The Black Forest clockmakers of long ago had senses of humor. We've already featured an antique clock where a carved figure of a soldier that was eating rats.

Black Forest and early German clockmakers loved to illustrate their daily lives. Check out our "All Are Mine" clock which tells a story with the figure of Death swinging his scythe.

Here's something even darker; and a more intimate illustration of the wicked behavior of a young boy.

This is a miniature Sorg-Uhr, with strike and alarm, Black Forrest mid. 19th Century. Enamel dial and brass fret. Wooden plates holding the brass clockwork. The first of these types of clocks were made by the Lord Mayor and clockmaker Sorg in Neustadt/Schwarzwald.

[via Van Dreven Antiquair]