Tuesday, July 31, 2012

More Reposted Mechanical Curiosities from Dug North

I love Dug North's Blog. In case you don't already follow it, here are some noteworthy recent posts - for lovers of clocks and mechanical automata.

Here's a beautiful and artistic piece from Levi van Veluw

An analog clock in a digital world:

This eye-boggling piece was recently featured in Clocks Magazine.

Another book for your library...

The mechanical clock, at least in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, with its rational design and regular running, demonstrated an orderliness lacking in almost every aspect of life at that time. The clock came to offer an explanation for the mysterious workings of the cosmos: living creatures were in fact automata, and the universe itself was an enormous clockwork...

Another great clockwork sculpture:

There is truly some fascinating and beautiful stuff out there.  Follow this blog and Dug's blog for constant updates on the world of clockwork art!

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