Sunday, January 16, 2011

Every Clock Tells a Story, What Will Yours Be?

There's a charming story at the Springfield Illinois State Journal-Register. A very nice turn-of-the-Century Bahnhäusle hangs on the wall of its maker's grandson.

From the State Journal-Register:
Charles Neuner was a craftsman and jeweler who emigrated from Germany to Springfield permanently in 1905. His shop, Neuner’s Reliable Jewelers, (slogan: “Gifts That Last Will Always Be Remembered”) was at 124 N. Fifth St. [in Springfield] until his death in 1954.

Back in Germany, Charles worked for a German clock company. He handmade a cuckoo clock that he brought with him to Springfield. The clock was on the wall of the home on North Second Street where Charles and his wife, Pauline, lived.

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