Sunday, July 18, 2010

New Pictures of our Carriage Clocks

We have some beautiful new photographs of our rare "K. Mozer" Carriage Clocks. These very fine pieces were made by L'Epee when they were located in their London Factory. There were very few pieces made by the artisan clockmakers in London under the famous L'Epee standards of excellence. L'Epee carriage clocks have since been adopted by a Swiss factory that also produces the Matthew Norman line.

We are pleased to make available the Ovale and the Dauphine which are some of the very few collectible pieces that were produced in England, by English clockmakers. While the British clockmaking industry was (at one time) the best in the world, their output has since become very small and very collectible. You can easily see, from our new pictures and video, the tremendous quality of these pieces. Take a moment to appreciate the impeccable tradition of British Horology!

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