Friday, July 09, 2010

Automatic Wall Color

To continue our theme on automata and automatic devices to enhance your lifestyle, check out this concept:

This is Xirrou, the painting robot, which is the brainchild of Austrian industrial designer, Christian Gumpold.

From MB&F:
Xirrou is a 2-part artificial intelligent robotic system. The first component features a stamp on its lower side that measures 16 square-centimeters, allowing it to print artwork to the walls and ceilings. The second component of Xirrou carries 8 ink cartridges on its back and is hooked to the first half via an ink-supplying cable.

Imagine scanning some photos for your new mood, or your new idea of what your room should look like this season, and the robot goes to work. These spider-like contraptions will skitter across your wall bringing you new color to your room.

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