Thursday, August 06, 2009

A Special Shelf Cuckoo by Johann Baptist Beha

This clock is a special order Beha shelf cuckoo. It is one of two known to have be made, and the only example known.

The painting is called “Auferstehung Christi” and shows the Resurrection of Christ and his ascent to heaven.

This clock was sold on April 2nd, 1860 to a Dealer in Paris France. The clock was sold for 45 Gulden, which was a extremely high price for a clock at that time.

This clock has the traditional Beha 8 day double fusee movement.

The paper on the pipes is a Beha pattern that was very seldom used.

It has also been documented in Rick Ortenburgers book, Black Forest Clocks on pg 36.

This clock is not in my personal collection but is a family piece, that has been in our family for many years....and I wanted to share it on the Blog.

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