Thursday, August 27, 2009

Biedermeier Vienna Regulator

This is a early Biedermeier Vienna Regulator C. 1835 is a recent addition to the collection.

6 light fruit wood case. One piece white glass dial with case engine turned bezel. 8 day 1 weight movement. 38" H 11" W.

The previous owner purchased the clock in Austria in the late 1940's and brought it to the western United States.

The clock is in mint untouched condition, from the bone handled winding crank to the delicate hand cut pulley.


  1. Wow! Great piece. Great condition!

  2. Anonymous6:36 PM

    Is it for sale???

  3. The antique clocks on this blog are generally cherished by their respective collectors and not for sale. BUT, keep in mind that there are often newer versions of these antiques still available through

    For example, check out this clock:

    There will be more weight-driven regulators added in the next coming weeks. Stay tuned!

  4. Where are you guys located? This is a nice clock. DO you see more like it?

  5. Thanks for your comment. We are located in a few different places. Send me an email and I can direct you to help you find more clocks like this one.

  6. Brian Moore1:30 AM

    What is the price for this clock?

  7. We have found another fine antique clock just like this one that we would be willing to sell. If you are interested, please contact us at

  8. Definitely having a grandfather's clock is to be cherished. Thank you for sharing your photos.