Thursday, February 12, 2009

Hello from Justin and his Black Forest clocks


First off I would thank Dolf and North Coast Imports for the invitation to contribute to this Blog.

I am excited to share my knowledge of Black Forest Clocks, as well as learn from others.

Growing up in a family interested in Antiques and Horology, I became a member of the NAWCC ( at the age of 2. As far back as I remember as a young boy… I attended NAWCC Regional Meetings and Chapter Meetings in sunny Southern California.

I was almost immediately drawn to clock collecting myself at a very early age. Saving my money to be able to add clocks to my little collection, and reading everything I could on the subject.

Although there are many different and wonderful types of clocks available to a collector, I was almost immediately was drawn to Black Forest Clocks made in Germany.

I think this is because they always seemed to do something special!
Whether it was the cuckoo bird coming out and calling the hour, or the painting clock with the eyes moving back and forth as the time ticked away… there was something about the Clocks made in the Black Forest.
As the years have passed my understanding on the subject has improved… the budget for acquiring pieces has grown… but my interest is the same… anything Black Forest that is Pre 1900 …Automated, Musical, Miniature, Heavily Carved or Unique. If you are interested in Unique Black Forest Clocks... please check out my online museum at

While many of these clocks I will sharing are antiques … I am very impressed with clocks currently available by quality makers and craftsman in the Black Forest of Germany. These clocks represent a great value, that will be sure to grace the collections of tomorrow.



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