Thursday, February 05, 2009

A Brief Introduction...

Hello everyone,

Dolf and I have been sharing our mutual passion for Black Forest clocks over the last year and when Dolf recently invited me to join North Coast Import's blog I thought it would be a good opportunity to meet new collectors and share information and enthusiasm for these wonderful clocks.

My wife and I have for many years shared an interest in clocks and antique folk wood carvings. These interests have naturally evolved into an interest in the intersection of these hobbies-carved antique clocks. And of course once we were hooked on carved wooden clocks the temptation to start collecting finely carved Black Forest clocks was much too tempting to resist!

Because the scope and variety of Black Forest clocks available is very broad and diversified, we quickly found ourselves trying to restrict our active collecting of these clocks to a manageable scope. Based upon our natural gravitation toward fine wood carvings and some initial research and discussion with experienced collectors of Black Forest clocks, we found ourselves seeking out Black Forest clocks that were made in the mid-late 19th century by Johann Baptist Beha and his family of Eisenbach, Germany. As our collecting interests became more refined we found that the Beha examples that are most appealing to us are the early examples that are made with wooden clock plates and exhibit the most detailed carvings-truly magnificant folk art! I have posted a photo of one of our Johann Baptist Beha clocks that I hope to discuss in more detail in a future post.


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