Tuesday, July 02, 2013

What is the VdS?

Sometimes we're asked, "What is the difference between those clocks which are VdS certified and those that aren't?"

This can mean many things in an age of outsourcing and Chinese manufacturing, but in our case VdS certification means that the clock has been certified by the Black Forest Clock Association of clockmakers as being an Authentic Black Forest Clock. While all of our cuckoo clocks from North Coast Imports are made in Germany and have the highest-quality mechanisms that are made in the Black Forest, some of our cuckoo clocks may have parts from other regions of Germany, Italy, and possibly Eastern Europe. The VdS certified clocks have a higher percentage of parts that come from the local Black Forest area.  Cuckoo manufacturing is a matter of strong local pride for Black Forest artisans. It is a cottage industry that all takes place within a few square miles.

The VdS also provides a wealth of extra support and information on their Authentic Black Forest clocks. Their website includes high-quality videos for setup and maintenance of your timepiece, as well as some interesting historical information.

All of our mechanical cuckoo clocks at North Coast Imports are German, with Black Forest mechanisms, and most of them are also VdS Certified. Just check the description on our website to see which cuckoo clocks are certified as having mostly Black Forest parts and construction.

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