Friday, July 12, 2013


We're excited to introduce these new models to our collection! Please take a moment to follow the links to learn more about these great clocks!

The Tristan

This one is really fantastic, and we spent a long time in development. It features a German enamel dial and a CAST-BRASS bezel. This clock is leaps and bounds over similar clocks with spun metal dials. It's available in oak or cherry finish.

The Verdi

The Verdi combines the elegant Brahms wooden case with the high quality enamel and brass dial and bezel.

Bavarian Chalet

This is a beautifully made clock with lots of eye-candy - and at a Great Price!

Quartz Chalet

A great cuckoo at a great price!

Beer Drinker

Animated chalet. One-day musical.

...and there's still more to come! Stay tuned to see what we have coming.


  1. Thank you Dolf. I do appreciate the support.

  2. Jesus Elias Yepez5:30 PM

    Hi Dolf,

    The hammer in my Sternreiter 8200 is too low. How can I rise it to the right position?. Can I bend the hammer wire? Or do I need to adjust the star wheel? Or what can I do to fix it? The sound of the cuckoo works well but not the gong.


    Jesús Elías Yépez