Friday, January 08, 2010

“Masterpieces of french horology” at François-Paul Journe

From the “Chefs d’œuvre de l’Horlogerie Française ”, an historic collection of 12 unique clocks made between 1770 and 1851, from the private collection of Italian connoisseur Auzano Musa. This exhibition ran last year, 19 January to 6 February, 2009.

Fascinating stuff, curator François-Paul Journe "believes that contemporary watchmaking must take into account the history of horological science while he creates his watches of exception. His insistence on uncompromising integrity in the realisation of innovative pieces and his daily commitment to defending the fundamental values of haute horology make him a link between the golden age of horological science and contemporary watchmaking."

Astronomic Regulator
Signed Lepine, Clockmaker to the King, Paris circa 1813.
Astronomic Regulator of the “reversed Y” type with multiple indications. From top to bottom: hours of sunrise and sunset; hours, minutes and seconds, equation of time; full perpetual calendar, moon phases; zodiac signs, striking of hours and quarters. One month power reserve with constant force device.
Height 64 cm – width 32 cm.

Skeleton Regulator
Built by Bouchet, Clockmaker to the King, Paris, circa 1781
Gilt bronze and enamel skeleton Regulator with constant force device, striking the hours and quarters.
One month power reserve, indication of years, zodiac signs, hours, minutes and seconds, equation of time, days of the month and the week, annual calendar, moon phases, position of the sun above the horizon.
This Clock is mentioned in the “Mémoires Secrètes” (Secret Memoirs) of 1781.
Height 47 cm – width 32 cm – depth 20 cm

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