Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Best Way to Set a Mechanical Calendar Clock

On the back side of the dial there are levers. Two levers behind the 3:00 and one behind the 9:00.

The one behind the 9:00 is the chime shutoff. The one further behind the 3:00 is the auto night shutoff. The lever at the front (behind the 3:00) is the date advance lever.

Please have your customer follow this procedure in shutting the clock.

1. Move the minute hand COUNTER-clockwise until both hands show 6:30 - that is, both hands should point downward.

2. Click the date advance lever until the date shows one day BEFORE the current date. That is, if today is the 12th, advance the date to the 11th.

3. Carefully move the minute hand CLOCKWISE until the next quarter-hour mark. Wait for the clock to finish chiming and then turn the chime OFF temporarily by engaging the lever behind the 9:00.

4. Now that the chime is shut off, you can freely advance the minute hand without having to wait for the clock to chime. Keep advancing the minute hand CLOCKWISE until the date turns over to the current date. It should occur sometime between the 12:00 and 3:00 AM setting.

5. Once the date has changed, you know you are in the AM setting of the timepiece. Now you can advance the minute hand to the correct time. For example, if it is 9AM simply advance the hands directly to the 9:00. If it is currently 9PM you will need to go past 12:00 noon, and to the 9:00.

6. Once you have the time set, you may re-engage the chime.

Be sure to keep all three winding arbors fully wound. Don't worry about "overwinding" there are sure catches on the springs to prevent this from being a problem.

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