Saturday, May 23, 2009

The New /design Line!

We are very pleased to announce an entirely NEW line of quality timepieces to the North Coast Imports lineup. Visit today to browse many new clocks, designed specifically for the high-style/high-design modern tastes.

Long associated with a very traditional decor, the Black Forest cuckoo clock is undergoing a transformation. Simple and clean lines combine with master craftsmanship to create something for the modern home.

Visit our new site to see colorful new models with a fresh perspective on a clock as a delightful kinetic sculpture that also happens to tell time.

There are also several models called ART CLOCKS which are one-of-a-kind inspirations by Black Forest artists. These special clocks are presented as collectors items and include painterly and artistic creations signed by the artist. There are dozens to choose from.

...and check out these fantastic woodcuts! These special clocks feature an entirely new and creative design with very intricate filigree. Birds and flowers are interwoven into a tapestry of ornamentation.

Even industrial design is included in this broad new range of fine timepieces. Be sure to check out our new additional website, detailing all of these models and more, at

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