Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day Clock

Happy belated Memorial Day. As usual, we at North Coast Imports spent a good part of our holiday thinking up ideas for new kinds of clocks... it's what we do!

This is a special variation on our "ClassicSpace" series (found at www.northcoastimports.com/design) with American Stars and Stripes. The "ClassicSpace" series already has a heavy American influence. The natural elements mixed with the machined simplicity definitely fits in an American aesthetic.

The "ClassicSpace" clearly fits an American tradition with its visible wood grain (natural materials) and natural power. A mechanical clock is a perfect example of a machine running on renewable energy. The only power required to run this clock is gravity! There are no batteries, no electricity, no heat... it will even run in the dark.

All of our clocks are packaged in recycled materials!

This clock would fit perfectly in a modern decor... the natural wood slat style easily matches either a Frank Lloyd Wright inspired interior, or a Danish Modern environment, as well as a Mission or Craftsman home... the possibilities are endless, and there are many more styles to chose from.

If you haven't already, take a moment to browse our new line of clocks found at www.northcoastimports.com/design. There you can find more examples of re-imagined timepieces for modern tastes.

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