Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Another Early Black Forest Automa

This early Black Forest soldier Automaton is another one of our favorite shield clocks in our collection. This clock shows a more primitive style of Black Forest Clock making…and was made in a time before the mass production of the large factories. It was made by the hand of a clock maker, in the Black Forest that took pride in his work.
The soldier automaton was a favorite done by the Black Forest clockmakers. While most of these antique soldier clocks that are seen today are incorporated into the shelf cuckoo (and made around the turn of the 19th C)… These early shield variety were made a generation or two earlier, and in much fewer numbers …and are difficult to locate today.
This Automaton was made C. 1820. It has a early wood plate, wood spindle movement.. The movement has Time, Strike & Automation. The two trains on this clock are front to back. The clock is in fantastic condition for its age, the soildier cannon...normaly missing or replaced are period. This clock is very pleasing to the eye. While most automated clocks the automation is hooked up to the strike train...where the automation is viewed every hour… the soldier is one of the few where the automation is connected to the time train. This creates constant action that can be seen as the pendulum swings.
On this piece the Soldier marches in front of the mansion, guarding the palace with his gun. When he reaches the turret on the right hand side, he quickly turns around…and begins his march in the other direction. He then marches back across the front of the clock to the cannon on the left…were he spins again. This is repeated over and over as the clock ticks.
This clock was located in Holland. We had is serviced in Europe prior to sending it back to the USA.. It is all cleaned…and working as it did when it was made... nearly 200 years ago.

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