Saturday, March 17, 2007

The Prosit is a BEST SELLER

We at North Coast Imports are destined to make mistakes like anyone else. In our sales literature last year we announced the successful release of our NEW "Prosit" cuckoo clock by Rombach und Haas - model #1389. It has since been a major success with lots of happy customers. Unfortunately, we just found out this week that we got the size wrong in our sales literature. We had it listed as 18" tall, which would have made it grossly disproportionate.

The correct dimensions are about 10" across, 12" up and down (not including the pendulum and weights), and about 8" deep. Again, I apologize for the mistake. Let me assure you that there is no other "taller" clock out there with otherwise the same description. The 12" Prosit is the one-and-only Original Black Forest clock (certified by the VDS) with this description.

Click the picture below for the adjusted dimensions and updated description. By the way, don't forget that some details may change with each clock. These clocks (like all of our timepieces) are all made by hand, and individually, rather than by assembly line. Since these clocks are made much the same as they have been hundreds of years ago, it means that all of the parts are not necessarily interchangeable. Plus, the artist that is building each individual clock may have a change of heart as to the particular color of a flower, or style of a carving. You may find small details in your clock that are different than the description. Embrace this, it means you have something special and unique. It means that your clock was built by a craftsman with tremendous pride in his or her work.

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