Wednesday, January 04, 2006

More help with cuckoo clocks

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We go on to prove our excellence by providing the following answers to frequently asked questions. For further reference take a look at the sketch below.

"My cuckoo calls three times and it's four o'clock." or "How can I get my cuckoo to call the correct amount of times on the hour?"

ANSWER: This is a really simple fix.
1. Slowly turn the minute hand clockwise until the clock calls. If it calls once, let it finish and then proceed until it calls again. Count the number of times the cuckoo calls.
2. Carefully move the hour hand to the correct hour according to how many calls you just heard. For example, if it chimed 3 times, move it to the 3:00 position.
3. The hour hand is a friction fit on the hour-hand cannon. Press down on the base of the hand to firmly fix it in place.
4. When setting the clock, remember not to touch the hour hand again. Just move the minute hand counterclockwise to the correct time. In other words, it is better to move the minute hand backwards until you reach the correct time. If you only move the minute hand, the hour hand will follow along slowly.

"My hour hand is always pointing to the six." or "Why won't my hour hand move?"

The hour hand simply came loose and you will have to secure it more firmly onto the hour-hand cannon. Follow the instructions above to make sure you have the hour hand pointing to the correct number.

Be sure to slide the hour hand back (towards the dial of the clock) so that it fits snuggly. It is best to use your thumbnails on the round part of the hour hand. Don't push on the tip of the hour hand as this may cause breakage.

"My cuckoo calls multiple times on the half hour and only once on the hour." or "How can I correct the way my cuckoo clock chimes?"

You will need to loosen the threaded hand nut on the end of the hand shaft. The minute hand is sandwiched between this nut and the locking nut. Carefully loosen or remove the hand nut so that you can freely move the minute hand without turning the locking nut. Turn the minute hand to a point 180 degrees ahead (or behind) and refasten the hand nut.


  1. Anonymous3:24 PM

    My clock is cuckooing five minute before the hour, and five before the half hour.

  2. So all you'll have to do is loosen the hand nut and move the minute hand forward five minutes - then re-tighten the hand nut to hold it firmly in place.

  3. Anonymous7:55 AM

    My clock is cuckooing five minute before the hour and five minute before the half hour.

  4. The cuckoo calls in my clock are something fast. It is possible to increase a little the duration of each cuckoo call? My clock is a Sternreiter 8200.

  5. @jey Thanks for your purchase of this fine clock. Unfortunately, there isn't anything you can do to "slow down" the sound of the cuckoo call. Some clocks, like the 8365 and 8366 have special movements with a "slow cuckoo" sound.

  6. @Dolf Kämper, I appreciate your time to answer my question. Thanks a lot!

  7. The minute hand is loose on the 8200 I received for Christmas.How do I repair this?

  8. The minute hand on my clock is loose and just falls to V1. How do I correct this?

  9. How do I correct a floppy minute hand?

  10. Anonymous6:18 PM

    just received a new clock and the minute hand is very loose and falls freely, we can not set the clock. Any suggestions