Monday, December 12, 2005

Stock Update

If you are a retailer it is important that you have our best sellers in stock. Make sure you order them now so that you are sure to be able to supply your customers. We are running low on the 1200 and 8200 models and although more are on the way, they won't be here by the end of this year.

In addition, just for clarification, the following is a list of discontinued or changed cuckoo clocks:

1100 Discontinued
1101 Discontinued (click here for an alternative)
1202B Discontinued
1236 Discontinued
1253 Discontinued
1254 Discontinued
1279 Discontinued
1312 Discontinued
1336 Discontinued
1353 Discontinued
1382 Discontinued
1386 Replaced by a NEW DESIGN
1392 Discontinued
8202 Discontinued
8212 Discontinued
8213 Discontinued
8227 Discontinued
8231 Discontinued
8232 Discontinued
8345 Discontinued
8355 Discontinued
8382 Discontinued
8392 Replaced by a NEW DESIGN

Most of these models have been replaced by NEW better-looking clocks like the 111th Anniversary Collection from Romba and more. Make sure you have our Orange cuckoo catalog as well as the 4-page 4-color new models brochure.

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