Saturday, December 17, 2005

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It is the time of year when gifts are unpacked and unwrapped in a frenzy. We are very proud that our clocks are opened with such gleeful satisfaction and don't mind a bit when instructions are lost in the mix.

Instructions are very important for these fine clocks though. It is very important that no guesswork should be involved when setting up one of our timepieces.

Therefore we offer the following examples of instructions and articles of care. Please take the time to download and print out the literature that corresponds to your clock. If what you need is not listed here feel free to contact us at

New Haven Steeple Clock from Sternreiter
(models MM 808 381 08 and QM 028 381 08)

New Haven Steeple Clock from Sternreiter - care of mechanical chimes
(model #MM 808 381 08)

Brahms, Ellington, Schuman, and Lincoln Mechanical Tambours from Sternreiter
(models MM 808 116, MM 808 118, MM 808 119, and MM 808 146)

Emily, Handel, and Bauhaus Mechanical Wall Clocks from Sternreiter
(models SW 808 630 07, SW 808 793, and SW 818 160)

Cuckoo Clocks

Care of cuckoo clock chains

Hohenzollern, "All Are Mine," and Freiburg from Rombach und Haas
(models 7640, 7641, and 7642)

Rottenburg with glass bells from Rombach und Haas
(model #7304 G)

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