Sunday, September 05, 2010

NEW clocks on our /design website

Traditional, mechanical clocks have brought life to homes and galleries for hundreds of years.

Over time they have evolved into a role of more than a functional tool. More than a passive wall covering, clocks have become important and exciting Objets d’ Art in the modern home. These pieces are kinetic sculptures that also happen to tell time.

A young group of Black Forest artists are interested in exploring their regional icon, the cuckoo clock, and allowing it to evolve into modernity.

North Coast Imports is proud to distribute these creations, and we've devoted an entire separate website to the hundreds of /design clocks available. There are a few standard clocks available, and there are also hundreds of one-of-a-kind pieces where the artists have used these base models as their canvas to create new expressions in Black Forest Clock Art.

We've just uploaded pictures of dozens more NEW models that were recently created. Be sure to check out for many more beautiful examples.

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