Tuesday, June 01, 2010

From the Corners of History

Here's something interesting.

The Black Forest clockmakers of long ago had senses of humor. We've already featured an antique clock where a carved figure of a soldier that was eating rats.

Black Forest and early German clockmakers loved to illustrate their daily lives. Check out our "All Are Mine" clock which tells a story with the figure of Death swinging his scythe.

Here's something even darker; and a more intimate illustration of the wicked behavior of a young boy.

This is a miniature Sorg-Uhr, with strike and alarm, Black Forrest mid. 19th Century. Enamel dial and brass fret. Wooden plates holding the brass clockwork. The first of these types of clocks were made by the Lord Mayor and clockmaker Sorg in Neustadt/Schwarzwald.

[via Van Dreven Antiquair]

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