Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Hour///Gras Living Wall Clock

Here's something I found. I don't quite understand how to read this clock, but it has something to do with the speed that grass grows. If you grow Wheat Grass you can even eat the clippings! Read more at the DesignCrave Blog.

Based on the notion of the inherent benefits of growing grass, the Hour///Gras Living Wall Clock designed by J Yu puts a spin on the typical potted plant using a glass-and-stainless-steel-bodied clock to house your grass or other greenery. The hour and minute hand double as blades that cut the grass to a preset length. You can water through an opening on top. If you decide to grow wheat grass, you can eat the shavings that fall into a bin on the bottom of the clock. If not, you’ll have to clean up after your grass clock while cursing whatever relative purchased it for you. On the plus side, you can finally combine the two thrilling pasttimes of watching grass grow and fixating on the slowly-moving minute hand of your clock.

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