Thursday, December 13, 2007

Why does my clock keep stopping?

Once again, North Coast Imports is proud to offer helpful hints for the proper care of your mechanical clock. We are the only clock distributor to offer such in-depth information (for free!) on the proper care and maintenance of your cherished timepiece.

Be sure to watch this page for a growing list of instructions and articles on the care and use of your clock.

Today we are excited to offer the first in a series of video episodes describing proper care. Here we are talking about the best way to keep your clock in beat. This episode focuses on the automatic beat adjustment found on most pendulum clocks except for many cuckoo clocks.

Forget about how straight the clock looks on the wall. Use your ears. You should be listening for an even "TICK TOCK" (listen) sound. If you hear an uneven "tick TOCK" or "TOCK tick" (listen) sound, carefully tilt the clock one direction or the other. You can carefully move the pendulum leader (past its normal swing) to the right or to the left until you hear that even ticking sound.

Keep carefully adjusting the pendulum leader until your clock beats evenly.

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