Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Adjustments to feeding-bird cuckoo clocks

Pay special attention to this article if you have a feeding-bird cuckoo clock, especially the models 8207 and 8307. These fine clocks may require special attention for proper care and enjoyment.

If your clock only sounds one note of the cuckoo call but otherwise runs perfectly, this article will be of great help to you. It is possible that, during shipping, the large, finely-carved, animated bird gets knocked slightly out of place. This requires a very simple adjustment.

Listen to your cuckoo call. If you only hear a "CUCK," but no "COO," the following information should help you.

The following two pictures show the outside of the clock (focusing on the feeding bird) and the inside of the clock after opening the back door to the clock. Notice the placement of the bird in this, its at-rest position.

Notice that the beak of the carved bird is down, close to the baby chicks it is feeding. Notice also that there is a corresponding wire on the inside of the clock that rests down against the floor of the clock case. This can be more easily seen in the following pictures.

If your bird is stuck upwards (its beak is up towards the sky) gently turn the bird according to the green arrows. While doing this, notice the corresponding wire (circled above in green) on the inside of the clock comes down as well. It is important that this wire should correspond to the bird. When the bird is down (as pictured) the wire should be down (as pictured).

Most likely, if your clock only sounds one note of the cuckoo call, your carved bird got itself stuck too far up and it will be a simple release to allow the carved bird to drop to its proper at-rest position.

These adjustments should be very very easy to do and no forcing should be necessary. If you are forcing in any way, be sure to call a clock specialist.

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