Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Going Fast

Please refer to your black and white specials flyer which you should have received several weeks ago. The following cuckoo clocks are sold out:

1253, 1236, 1279, 1254, 1312, 1382, 1353, 1392, 1336, 8227, 8382, 8345

These clocks are no longer available. As you can see that is most of the clocks on the closeout special. In addition the following models are thinning out. I would highly suggest stocking up on these models so that you are covered for this holiday season.

1300 (only 13 left!), 1100 (only 3 left!), 8252 (only 8 left!), 8228 (only 2 left!), 8366 (only 4 left!), 8255 (only 3 left!), 8357 (only 2 left!)

The 8343 is out of stock at the moment but should be in next week. The 1200 and 8200 always go very fast this time of year so be sure you have some in stock.

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